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System Configuration Information

These information can be changed if the corresponding operational model is modified.

GPC Toulouse

GPC Toulouse
When was the current long-range forecast system implemented? Sebtember 2018
Is it a coupled forecast system? Yes
Is it a Tier-2 forecast system? No
Atmospheric model resolution T359L91
Ocean model (if applicable) NEMO v3.6 , ORCA 1 degree grid, 75 model levels. Frequency of coupling is 3 hours.
Source of atmospheric initial conditions ECMWF operational analysis
(see details hereafter)
Source of ocean initial conditions Mercator-ocean analysis
If Tier-2, what is the source of SST predictions? N/A
Hindcast period 1993-2016
Ensemble size for the hindcasts 25 members
How is the hindcast ensemble configured? 1 atmospheric condition from ERA-Interim – 1 oceanic condition from Mercator analysis, ensemble generation by stochastic dynamics technique (Batté and Déqué 2016).
Ensemble size for the forecast 51 members
How is the forecast ensemble configured? generated by a stochastic dynamics technique in addition to using a lagged initialization
Length of forecasts 7 months
Data format GRIB 2 or ascii for digital data
Gif for graphics
What is the latest date predicted anomalies for the next month/season become available? 8th of each month
How are the forecast anomalies constructed? Departures from the model climate estimated by the hindcast integrations
URL where forecast(maps) are displayed http://seasonal.meteo.fr/
Point of Contact JM Soubeyroux (Jean-Michel.soubeyroux@meteo.fr)
Jacques Richon (Jacques.richon@meteo.fr)
Christian Viel (Christian.viel@meteo.fr)

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