System Configuration Information

These information can be changed if the corresponding operational model is modified.

GPC Seoul

GPC Seoul
When was the current long-range forecast system implemented?

System Name : GloSea6GC3.2
Implimented : Feb, 2022

Is it a coupled forecast system? Yes
Is it a Tier-2 forecast system? No 
Atmospheric model resolution

UM: N216L85
0.83 lon x 0.56 lat x 85 levels

Ocean model (if applicable)

eORCA Tri-polar grid at 0.25, 75 levels

Source of atmospheric initial conditions

Forecasts : KMA NWP

Hindcast : ERA-interim

Source of ocean initial conditions

Forecasts : KMA GODAPS2 (Global Ocean Data Assimilation System v2)

Hindcasts : UKMO ODA Reanalysis

If Tier-2, what is the source of SST predictions? N/A
Hindcast Period 1993-2016
Ensemble size for the hindcasts 28 members (from 4 different start dates)
How is the hindcast ensemble configured? Lagged approach, 7 members per start date on the 1st, 9th, 17th, and 25th, of each calendar month. All 7 member share the same initial conditions and differ only due to schemes to represent model uncertainties
Ensemble size for the forecast 84
How is the forecast ensemble configured? Lagged approach, 4 members per each date on 3weeks (21days)
Length of forecasts 6 months
Data Format GRIB 2
What is the latest date predicted anomalies for the next month/season become available? 13th of the month
How are the forecast anomalies constructed? Departures from the model climate estimated by the hindcast integrations
URL where forecast are displayed
Point of Contact Ms. Juyon Lim (

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