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  • Maintain a repository of documentation for the system configuration of all GPC systems
  • Collect hindcast and forecast data from GPCs
  • Display GPCs forecasts in standard format
  • Promote research and experience in MME techniques and provide guidance and support on MME techniques to GPCs, RCCs and NMHSs
  • Based on comparison among different models, provide feedback to GPCs about the models performance
  • Blend GPCs forecasts based on standard MME techniques as an additional guidance to GPCs, NMCs, and RCCs, among other existing multi-model products
  • Provide dynamic web pages to satisfy requirements for regional display of forecast information (e.g. regions used by RCOFs)
  • Redistribute digital hindcast/forecast data for those GPC's that allow it
  • Handle requests for the password for the website and data distribution; maintain a database recording the users who have requested access to data/products and the frequency of access
  • Maintain an archive of the real-time GPC and MME forecasts


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