System Configuration Information

These information can be changed if the corresponding operational model is modified.

GPC Melbourne

GPC Melbourne
When was the current long-range forecast system implemented? October 2021 (applied in November 2021 on WMOLC)
Is it a coupled forecast system? Yes
Is it a Tier-2 forecast system? No
Atmospheric model resolution N216 ~ 60km horizonal and 85 vertical levels
Ocean model (if applicable) 25km horizonal and 75 vertical levels
Source of atmospheric initial conditions Data assimilation
Source of ocean initial conditions Data assimilation
If Tier-2, what is the source of SST predictions? N/A
Hindcast period 1981-2018
Ensemble size for the hindcasts 3 members for each restart time for the hindcast
How is the hindcast ensemble configured? Perturbed members
Ensemble size for the forecast 11 members for seasonal forecasts in real time
How is the forecast ensemble configured? 10 perturbed members and one central member to the atmospheric model
Length of forecasts 6 full months
Data format netCDF
What is the latest date predicted anomalies for the next month/season become available? Two days after the beginning of each month
How are the forecast anomalies constructed? Based on hindcast climatology
URL where forecast are displayed
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