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SubjectConsistency map is ready to produce!

  Young-ah Kim
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We started to produce consistency map using data set provided from GPC member countries.

The consistency maps are for SST, 500 hPa GPH, 850 hPa Tempearture, Mean Sea Level Pressure, Precipitation and 2 m Temperature.

JJA consistency map for SST was produced using predicted SST anomaly results from 4 members those are Washington, Melbourne, Seoul and Moscow.

JJA consistency map for other parameters were produced using predicted anomaly results from 6 members those are Washington, Melbourne, Seoul, Moscow, Montreal and Tokyo.

These results can be delivered via e-mail or on the "news&events" part of our web-site in the form of attached file.

We will continue to produce consistency map on monthly base and the consistency map including SST plume could be placed in our LC-web site in the near future.

I really hope these maps are helpful for our members and I think any kind of comments will be helpful for LC.

Thank you for your kind cooperations.

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