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SubjectLC-LRFMME introduced MME technique for specialists from developing countries.

  Younh-ah Kim

LC-LRFMME introduced the state of the art MME technique to the participants in the Expert Program for Climate Prediction in Asia-Pacific.

KMA annually operates the Expert Program for Climate Prediction in Asia-Pacific for NMHS specialists from developing countries under the auspice of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) starting from 2006. Korea invites every year staffs from NMHSs to the Expert Programme for Climate Prediction in Asia-Pacific. This regional technical cooperation programme, organized by Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) and financially supported by Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), aims at providing the opportunity to individuals to gain the first hand knowledge and skill on climate prediction and at enabling them to put what they have learned into use for the development of their countries.
In 2007, five staffs from Indonesia, Mongolia, Peru, Philippines and Viet Nam took part in this three-month Programme on 2 August-30 October. At KMA headquaters, the participants were introduced to a wide range of climate related subjects as well as how to utilize the data visible on the website (www.wmolc.org) dedicated for the WMO Global Producing Centre for Long-Range Forecast (GPC) Seoul and the WMO Lead Centre for LRF Multi-Model Ensemble (MME) Prediction, which GPC Seoul is co-hosting with GPC Washington, to be officially recognized at the forthcoming CBS meeting.
The course continued at APEC Climate Center (APCC), located in Busan, at which the participants joined the seasonal MME forecast activities with focus on its verification and application to their countries. In addition, the participants took part in the WMO/KMA GPCs Workshop on Lead Centre for LRF MME Prediction and APCC Symposium, jointly held in Busan on 18-20 September, and the 8th Joint Meeting for the Seasonal Prediction of the East Asian Winter Monsoon held in Seoul on 17-19 October.
In 2008 nine staffs from NMHSs in the Region will be invited to participate in this programme in September-November.

Nowadays the only center in RA?± which is able to provide the training on up-to-date multi-model ensemble long-range forecasting is LC-LRFMME and APCC Training Cource on Regional Downscaling for Asia-Pacific Region using APEC Climate Center Global Seasonal Climate Prediction for NMHS specialists from developing countries co-funded by APN (Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research) and APCC will be held at APCC Busan, Korea in September-November, 2008. Specialists from Korea, New Zealand, Russia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand will get hand-on experience of downscaling prediction using data from 15 GCMs provided by APCC. A suite of computer software will be developed by each participant, which can perform regional climate prediction for their specific target regions based on APCC MME seasonal forecasts for the purpose of implementation at NMHSs. The efforts of APN and APCC in the provision of training in up-to-date MME long-range forecasting technology for the NMHSs' specialists should be highly appreciated.

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