• Mission of GPC Seoul

  The mission of GPC Seoul is to provide forecast outputs for Long Range Forecast (LRF) periodically to the GPCs and NMHs. The provided data will be used in the various sectors such as agriculture, water resources managements, disaster managements, the weather sensitive industries and socio-economic activities etc.
The function of GPC Seoul in detail follows as;
1) To provide a limited set of forecast products (Images and GRIB2) for Long Range Forecast (LRF) as determined by the Apendix II-6 of the Manual on the Global Data Processing and Forecasting Systems (GDPFS).
2) To Provide hindcast data and other supporting information to WMO member countries.
3) To verify the forecast outputs by WMO Standard Verification System for Long Range Forecast(SVSLRF) and to submit the results of verification to Lead centre for SVSLRF at the Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne.

• History of GPC Seoul

GPC Seoul (KMA) was officially designated for the Global Producing Center at the extraordinary session of the Commission for Basic Systems 2006 (CBS-Ext.06) held in Seoul November 2006 (Refer to WMO-No. 1017).
c.f) The other GPCs : Melbourne (Australia), Montreal (Canada), Beijing (China), Toulouse (France), Tokyo (Japan), Washington (USA), Exeter (UK) and ECMWF (Refer to WMO-No. 1017)